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SCOS/ACSCOS 2018 Tokyo

Welcome to the 36th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism and the 7th Australasian Caucus of the Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism conference

When and where?

August 17-20 2018, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

SCOS is a global network of academics and practitioners, who hail from a hugely diverse range of disciplines and professional backgrounds. We were formed in 1981, originally as an autonomous working group of the European Group for Organizational Studies, but have been an independent academic venture for over 30 yearly conferences. Our central interest is in the interlinked issues of organizational symbolism, culture and change, articulated in the broadest possible sense and informed by our commitment to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary understandings of organization and management. Thus our work draws, inter alia, from organization studies, social anthropology, cultural studies, media studies, philosophy, history, social psychology and politics. The theme of our conference this year is "Wabi-sabi (侘寂): Imperfection, incompleteness and impermanence in Organisational Life."


Conference organizers

Masayasu Takahashi (Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan)

Masato Yotsumoto (University of Nagasaki, Sasebo, Japan)

Toshio Takagi (Showa Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan)

Alison Pullen (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)

Carl Rhodes (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

Janet Sayers (Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand)

Thomas Lennerfors (Uppsala University, Sweden).